Gramtel Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd believes in quality and timely execution will help the business to
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EMF Testing
EMF (RF) Radiation Measurement solutions: Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields exist wherever
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Training division can customise the requirements of any organisation to train their team .....

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Services Division
I. Gramtel Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd believes in quality and timely execution that will help the business to grow. Team of GRAMTEL is well trained and delivers best quality with world class standards.

Timely service will help disciplined program and activity management practice to ensure success.

EMF measurements and RF Radiation levels audit of any location or an area of premises like Hospital, School, Institute, Organization, office or a residential housing like apartment, common place like a park, business complex, shopping mall, housing society etc.
Transmission Network Planning, Survey and Implementation (OF or MW).
Cellular Network Planning, Survey and Implementation (BTS Installation Commissioning and RF optimization).

Cellular Network Planning, Survey and Implementation (BTS Installation&Commissioning and RF optimisation)
Wi-MAX Implementation and service rollout Network Audit Services.

End to end POI (Point of Interconnection) network planning, connectivity, implementation, and execution, rollout of POI service and maintenance of POI as per customer requirement

EMF measurements as per TEC document of DOT and offering EMF audit of a BTS site to TERM cell on behalf of licensed operator.

1) Complete Project Management Services includes infrastructure     development & monitoring.
2) Consultancy for effective solution as per customer needs for voice data and     video solutions, suitable for small, medium and large sized organizations or     institutions.
3) GSM/CDMA RF Network Planning, Survey, Installation, Testing,     Commissioning, and integration of Base Transceiver Station for GSM & CDMA     Sites.
4) Installation, Commissioning and integration of Microwave HOPS
    (Inter & Intra City) SDH or PDH.
5) EMF measurements and EMF audit of a site as per TEC standards.
6) OFC deployment: Splicing of Optical fibre, testing, SDH equipment /     electronics installation and commissioning and integration to existing     network.
7) Telecom network auditing, estimation and their management
8) Wi-Max Network Implementation and Services Rollout.

Turnkey Services
Building up the CDMA, GSM and Wi-MAX Networks Building up the Transmission media Installation & Commissioning of Microwave & Fibre-optic transmission links and Broadband Local access Networks ( Wired and Wireless). 

Quality Leadership
The Executive Management has developed the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives as part of the leadership process
Quality Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction by understanding and fulfilling customer needs and provide responsible solutions at competitive prices.
To meet all delivery schedules and continually strive to improve the quality management system with well defined quality objectives.

Quality Objectives  
Gauge and improve project implementation capabilities
Avoid defects through effective process control
Pursue Plan-Execute-Check-Act cycle to improve processes.

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